Interesting stuff

Here are some links what can be good to read/see. Sometimes they change 🙂

Unconscious Phantasy

A very interesting page by IPA where are different links. I have not managed to look all of them trough, but there are discussions about movies (Lars and the real girl – one of my favorites) and theoretical concepts. Site is called Virtual museum

Peter Fonagy about Mentalization

Giacomo Rizzolatti (man who discovered mirror-neurons) about brains (in Russian)

Funny about sexuality with Uma Thurman

About Guilt and Depression

Interesting lecture by Daniel Kahneman on the Trap of ‘Thinking That We Know’

Lecture is about an hour long but very interesting!

How to become a psychoanalyst in Great Brittan (which is pretty much similar to our aspirations of training)

Thoughts about psychoanalysis and contemporary time

About neuroscience 🙂 . Good and funny. Serious thoughts in it. Seriously advice to listen

Video about Lacan giving a lecture (English subtitles).