Education at ELPS


ELPS Training Committee (training analysts and senior colleagues of ELPS), with support of international experts from IPA – ELPS former Sponsoring Committee members Leena Klockars (Finland) and Thijs De Wolf (Netherlands), together with other IPA colleagues established the ELPS training programme for future psychoanalysts of Estonia and Latvia.

Psychoanalytical training consists of several cornerstones – theoretical training and supervised psychoanalytical practice. The most essential cornerstone in the process of becoming a psychoanalyst is personal psychoanalysis, which in most cases, is started before the training and usually continues parallel to the training.

The training process at ELPS, according to an IPA-compliant training programme, was first started in 2013. In 2018 it was resumed with the second group of trainees. In 2024 we plan to start a new training group.

ELPS follows the Eitingon model of psychoanalytical education, which is supported and implemented by most European psychoanalytical societies.

Please read about the model of education and requirements in order to be accepted as a trainee in psychoanalysis:

Please read about the model of education and requirements for entrance to training:

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